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Calls for Submissions From the Public

Submissions about possible short to medium term changes to the current arrangements for allocating smartnumbers® to improve allocative efficiency must be received by...

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Barriers to Skype on mobiles evaporate

Brisbane Times
New Skype apps for the iPhone and Symbian platforms will allow mobile users to bypass telco voice networks completely, making calls using the internet over the 3G data network...

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Outcome: 1.0, Output: 1.1                  Question: 137
Topic: Smart numbers
Written Question on Notice
Senator Conroy asked:

1. The smart number auction system for freecall numbers that spell a word or business name commenced in 2004. Since that time a secondary market in these numbers has arisen. Did the Government contemplate that such market would develop?

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Novel domain decision clarifies tests for consolidation of multiple complaints

Australian Trade Marks Law Blog

In National Dial A Word Registry Pty Ltd and others v. 1300 Directory Pty Ltd (WIPO Case No. DAU2008-0021) an Administrative Panel Decision of the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center handed down on 6 March, 2009, the Complaint was submitted by nine complainants against one respondent. More info HERE.

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Phonewords around the World

Wikipedia- The Free Encyclopedia

The main advantages of phonewords over standard phone numbers include increased memorability and increased response rates to advertising. They are easier to remember than numeric phone numbers….

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"Smarter than the average number ..."

Julian Gyngell's talk on "Phonewords and Finance", kindly hosted yesterday at the London office of McDermott Emery & Will, was a treat for those who attended. In short, * Australia has instituted a system by which Smartnumbers, these being the numerical bases for alphanumerical telephone numbers, are auctioned to the highest bidder, subject to minimal conditions and limitations…

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Samsung Might Be Developing A Phone That Projects Holograms (Just Like Star Wars)  Gizmodo Australia

Earlier this year the world was introduced to the Red Hydrogen One - the world's first first holographic phone display that didn't require 3D glasses or a specific ...

4 Ways Your Non-Verbal Communication is Telling a Different Story Than Your Words  Inc.

The ability to decipher the language of non-verbal communication is truly a gift. But most people aren't as conscious as they should be about how they hold their ...

Gable Tostee in his own words  9news.com.au

Gable Tostee made headlines when his night of passion with New Zealand tourist Warriena Wright ended in tragedy: a drunken argument, a rough fight, and ...

Trump, Erdogan talk about Syria concerns over phone amid rising war of words - Xinhua | English.news.cn  Xinhua

WASHINGTON, Dec. 14 (Xinhua) -- U.S. President Donald Trump on Friday talked with his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan over phone on Friday, ...

Glued to Your Phone at the Dinner Table? Marshawn Lynch Wants to Have Some Words  Adweek

Will we ever collectively return to a time when dinners around the table included little more than food, your friends or loved ones, and polite conversation?

Huawei just unveiled its first phone with a design like the Galaxy S10  BGR

Samsung a few days ago launched the Galaxy A8s, its first phone to feature the Infinity-O screen design that's coming to the Galaxy S10 next year. Infinity-O is a ...

The world's first phone with Snapdragon 855 and 12GB RAM is official, slated for January 2019 release  Phone Arena

Lenovo Z5 Pro GT is the surprising name of the world's first smartphone officially announced with a Snapdragon 855 processor and up to 12GB RAM, eyeing a ...

Micromax set to launch notched phone, with price under Rs 15,000 it may compete with Redmi Note 6 Pro  India Today

Micromax's upcoming notched phone is likely to support a dual-camera setup with an LED flash at the back.

Why Honor’s new screen is the hole-y grail in quest to ditch the notch  Digital Trends

The notch — the little cutout at the top of a phone that houses the selfie camera — may have met its match. The usurper is the in-screen hole punch, and ...

Sky’s Kay Burley kicks Tory MP David Davies off TV debate on Brexit after he patronised woman  Daily Mail

A Tory MP was kicked off a live TV debate on Brexit today after he 'patronised' a female politician by checking his mobile phone in the middle of the debate.

Emily Blunt reveals a teacher ruthlessly told her to 'spit out' her words during her childhood  Daily Mail

The 35-year-old admitted the road to overcoming her speech impediment hasn't been a smooth one, as she revealed a teacher once told her to 'spit out' her ...

3 Simple Steps You Can Take To Get Things Done In 2019  Forbes

Did you accomplish what you wanted for 2018? Even with the best intentions, you may have fallen off the wagon at some point. Don't fret. The new year is ...

Lil Tay: Foul mouthed kid rapper disappears from social media as parents feud  NEWS.com.au

The first thing you need to understand about Lil Tay is that she never wanted you to feel sorry for her.

Angry, desperate phone call from Sroubek to estranged wife released  New Zealand Herald

The estranged wife of Karel Sroubek has released audio of an angry phone call between them in which Sroubek appears to become desperate and talks about ...

Ditch your smartphone for a year and win $100k from Vitaminwater  Digital Trends

We've all seen the social media posts that ask whether you could live without your smartphone in exchange for a set amount of money. Well, if you've ever ...

Google CEO Sundar Pichai Spent 3 1/2 Hours Before Congress. Here Are the Strangest Things They Asked  Inc.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai testified before the House Judiciary Committee this week--an appearance that lasted about three and a half hours. As anyone who ...

Asus ROG Phone vs Razer Phone 2 vs Xiaomi Black Shark: Gaming smartphone deathmatch  Android Authority

We have seen gaming phones come and go, but in 2018 competition got fiercer than ever. The Asus ROG Phone, Razer Phone 2, and Xiaomi Black Shark lead ...

'I can't breathe.' Jamal Khashoggi's last words disclosed in transcript, source says  CNN

The final words uttered by Jamal Khashoggi after he was set upon at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul are captured in a transcript circulated to Turkish allies, ...

Behold: The stupidest smartphone design trend of 2019 is already here now  BGR

In 2018, the biggest trend in smartphone design among Android phone makers was simple: copy Apple. Nearly every smartphone vendor on the planet used ...

Curse words, gang talk fill courtroom as judge reads Jessica Kelley’s phone calls  KOAT Albuquerque

Curse words were flying as one of the women charged with killing and dismembering 10-year-old Victoria Martens in 2016 was in court Thursday. Prosecutor ...

Uncovering What Your Phone Knows  The New York Times

Jennifer Valentino-DeVries, an investigative reporter for The Times, explains how reporters discovered some of the information mobile apps collect.

Samsung and OnePlus 5G phones: 6 things you need to know now  CNET

5G phones and networks are almost here, promising amazing feats like downloading entire TV seasons in minutes, and enabling cities full of driverless cars that ...

The Chinese internment camps where your shoes are made  9news.com.au

Behind locked gates, men and women are sewing sportswear that can end up on university campuses and sports ...

21 Welsh words and phrases you definitely need this Christmas  Wales Online

Whether you want to improve your Welsh 'tipyn bach' or just impress your guests, here are a few Welsh phrases to help this Christmas.

Redmi 6A gets a big price cut and is now the best cheap phone to buy in India  India Today

Redmi 6A has a received a priced cut of Rs 1000 for both 16GB and 32GB storage variants.

Anonymized data doesn't stay anonymous, says MIT study  Fast Company

Urban planners and researchers at MIT found that it's shockingly easy to “reidentify” the anonymous data that people generate all day, every day in cities.

How the vivo NEX Dual Display Edition came to be - GSMArena.com news  GSMArena.com

Undoubtedly, the vivo NEX Dual Display Edition is a head-turner. Not only does it find a cool way to deliver the all screen front, but you get a pretty...

Mom's Phone Call Helps Uncover Oldest Long-Necked Dinosaur on Record  Live Science

Thanks to a phone call from a scientist's mom, paleontologists have uncovered the oldest long-necked sauropod dinosaur on record. The tale began in 2012, ...

George W. Bush Reveals His Father’s Last Words In Phone Call During His Final Hours  The Inquisitr News

Former president George H.W. Bush spent his final hours on Friday surrounded by his friends and loved ones in his Houston home, and, as a new report noted, ...

Hit-and-run driver calls Texas A&M grad he killed 'careless,' gets 20 years in prison  Dallas News

A man called the 23-year-old woman he killed in a hit-and-run crash in Uptown careless just before he was sentenced Monday to 20 years in prison.

Ayla Reynolds disappearance: Father sued by mother  The Mercury News

By PATRICK WHITTLE, Associated Press. PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — The mother of a toddler whose disappearance prompted the biggest criminal investigation ...

Google tests teaching you word pronunciation  The Verge

I have a confession to make. On a recent episode of Workflow, I went on camera to recommend the Halide camera app. Everything went perfectly until the video ...

Shutdown fears, and a wait-and-see game  CNN

A partial government shutdown is four days away, and there is no plan to stop it.

Home of the Week: Feeling festive in North Tonawanda  Buffalo News

Angela Vacanti loves the farmhouse style. She decorates the entire house incorporating Christmas decor that reflects that – much of it purchased through the ...

Pete Davidson Sends a Cry for Help  E! Online

The rapper made his comments after sparking backlash by defending Kanye West amid his Twitter drama with Ariana Grande.

Coach Larry Drew draws on three words of advice to push forward as Cavaliers rebuild  Akron Beacon Journal

CLEVELAND — Cavaliers coach Larry Drew keeps circling back to three words from Doug Collins, his close friend and one of his NBA peers he admires most.

Snapshots: The firing of Dave Hakstol is only the beginning in Philly  Ottawa Citizen

First, it was general manager Ron Hextall shown the door last month and then Monday his replacement, Chuck Fletcher, sent coach Dave Hakstol packing.

Equifax, Western Union, Priceline settle with New York attorney general over insecure mobile apps  TechCrunch

New York's attorney general has settled with five tech and financial giants, requiring each company to implement basic security on their mobile apps.

Apple updates iOS on banned iPhones, not enough, says Qualcomm  SlashGear

Apple may have found a way to keep its older iPhones in the Chinese market but it's not going to fly if Qualcomm is to be asked. Following a preliminary court.

The Trains Are So Efficient In Japan, I Missed Mine l  Star2.com

I've heard wonders about Japan's public transport system. I knew that its trains would always be on time. I just didn't know that they would arrive so much earlier ...

Learn French, Italian, and more with these $118 Rosetta Stone bonus packs  Android Central

It's never a bad thing to know more than one language, and these deals only come around *une fois dans une lune bleue*.

Can I use predictive text on my PC to save typing?  The Guardian

Is there an intelligent keyboard app for Windows 10? I use Swype on my tablet, and apart from being faster than keyboard typing, I love the power of its intelligent ...

An Expert’s Guide to Making Stress Work in Your Favor—Really  Vogue.com

Long having had a bad rep, stress is being reconsidered by experts as something that can actually be good for you and your health.

‘A desire to protect people’  The Robesonian

LUMBERTON — People who worked with Jason Quick say he chose the job because he wanted to be a role model, especially to his family.His colleagues on ...

Your Phone Is Listening and it's Not Paranoia  VICE

Here's how I got to bottom of the ads-coinciding-with-conversations mystery.

An Academician's Dilemma: The Jump Into Data Science  Analytics India Magazine

This week we bring the Chapter One of a first-person narrative by an academician who is on the precipice of joining the world of data science.

Operative for “Putin's Chef” Shares Secrets, Vanishes — Then Reappears and Retracts  OCCRP

Yevgeny Prigozhin ran the infamous St. Petersburg “troll farm” and other pro-Putin media operations. One of his operatives came clean to reporters, sharing ...

Her dad’s friendship with Charles Barkley made you cry. This is why she shared it.  Washington Post

When her dad died in June, Shirley Wang promised herself to live less tethered — to be okay with risks and plan great adventures. The 22-year-old had just ...

Thousand Oaks California shooting: Hero cop’s final phone call to wife  NEWS.com.au

SARGEANT Ron Helus was on the phone to his wife when reports of a shooting first came through.

Digital Growth Depends More on Business Models than Technology  HBR.org Daily

It's true for both startups like Slack and mature companies like Domino's.

Murdered track star Lauren McCluskey's final words  Kidspot

A senior track star at the University of Utah was killed by a registered sex offender with whom she had a previous relationship, police and university officials said.

A mother’s leap of faith at an African airport, and a 15-year mystery  Washington Post

The story of Tom and Maya and Zainab is about trust, about listening to your heart over your mind, and about that gut feeling you have when you meet a good ...

Phone spoofing: When your phone number is taken over by international scammers  ABC News

Mobile and landline telephone numbers are being hijacked by phone scammers, and it is taking a toll particularly on some victims in regional and rural Australia.

Romance scammers prey on Words With Friends players  The Sydney Morning Herald

The scammers often pose as lonely and sad widowed men based on oil rigs or working for the United Nations in places such as Afghanistan or Syria.

September 11 anniversary: Final words of 9/11 victims  The Advertiser

MOMENTS before United Airlines Flight 175 smashed into the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, a passenger left a voicemail for the wife he'd left ...

Geraint Thomas  BBC Sport

BBC Sports Personality of The Year winner Geraint Thomas and his wife Sara tell Tom Fordyce how they won the 2018 Tour de France.

Nokia 8110 4G review: another retro revival gone wrong  The Sydney Morning Herald

With support for Wi-Fi and 4G but some serious core issues, the new 8110 is both an improvement and a step back compared to last year's revived 3310.

South Africa's 'toxic' race relations  BBC News

BBC Africa editor Fergal Keane visits South Africa's conservative rural areas nearly 25 years after white-minority rule ended, and finds that racism is still deeply ...

No, Facebook did not patent secretly turning your phone mics on when it hears your TV  The Verge

Facebook did not apply for a patent on turning your phone microphone on when a hidden signal plays on a TV. I know this because I simply read the patent ...

Facebook admits using two-factor phone numbers to target ads  Engadget

Facebook has admitted that it uses the phone number provided by users for two-factor authentication (2FA) to target them with ads. Naturally, its repurposing of...

New report on Russian disinformation, prepared for the Senate, shows the operation's scale and sweep  Stuff.co.nz

A report prepared for the US Senate, shows how the operation used all social media to help elect Trump.

How to fix 'ducking' and other iPhone autocorrect problems  CNBC

CNBC walks you through how to stop your iPhone from automatically correcting your text to say something you didn't mean to.

Inside the Mind of a Plagiarist  The Cut

After recent scandals in the poetry world, the Cut spoke to three women with a history of plagiarism.

These were the first words that Graham Bell spoke on the telephone  India Today

The quote has been an issue of debate as Bell's journal quotes something else and his assistant, Thomas' journal quotes another line!

Cory Monteith's mother shares her harrowing phone call with Lea Michele after his death.  Mamamia

Cory Monteith final words: Five years on from the Glee star's death, his mother has revealed the phone call she received from his girlfriend Lea Michele.

Is a software update slowing my phone? - Hack - triple j  ABC News

Apple and Samsung have been been fined millions for software upgrades that slowed phones.

Telstra has a second crack at unlimited data  Computerworld Australia

Telstra has unveiled a suite of new consumer mobile phone plans as the telco moves to simplify its product lineup. The push to streamline product offerings ...

The Words and Phrases to Use — and to Avoid — When Talking to Customers  HBR.org Daily

The key to any successful relationship is effective communication. In the business world, this means trying to understand what consumers and clients are saying, ...

The two magic words that can get you an airline upgrade over the phone  Economic Times

By Mark Ellwood At Bloomberg Pursuits, we love to travel. And we always want to make sure we're doing it right. So we're talking to globe-trotters in all of our ...

Stop Misusing Autocorrect  Lifehacker

There's a right way and a wrong way to use your phone's autocorrect, says the person who invented it. Ken Kocienda, former Principal Engineer of iPhone ...

Put your phone in Do Not Disturb mode forever  The Outline

Join me in a buzz-free, ping-free, vibration-free, light-up-free world.

How to stop nuisance calls to your mobile phone  CHOICE

People are increasingly receiving nuisance calls and texts to their mobiles. But how do telemarketers and charities get your phone number? We look at the Do ...

Huawei P30 Pro to come with a notch and curved display - GSMArena.com news  GSMArena.com

The rumor mill never sleeps as the first set of rumors for the Huawei P30-series are starting to surface. First, there was the rumor about the P30 Pro sporting a still ...

No, you’re not being paranoid, your phone really IS listening to you  Alphr

Those oddly pertinent ads on your timeline aren't just a coincidence, your phone is listening to everything you say.

The Two Words That Will Help Get an Airline Upgrade Over the Phone  Bloomberg

At Bloomberg Pursuits, we love to travel. And we always want to make sure we're doing it right. So we're talking to globe-trotters in all of our luxury fields—food, ...

A new phone-like device from Redmond? Why, Microsoft, why?  Computerworld

Five years ago, in September 2013, Microsoft made one of the most ill-conceived acquisitions in tech history, purchasing Nokia for $7.9 billion. Having failed in ...

Papa John's Founder Used N-Word On Conference Call  Forbes Now

John Schnatter—the founder and public face of pizza chain Papa John's—used the N-word on a conference call in May. Schnatter confirmed the incident in an ...

How To Have Phone Sex Without Feeling Awkward AF  Women's Health

Lovehoney sex and relationship expert Annabelle Knight answers all the most popular 'how to' questions - and provides her top tips for getting it right.

74 percent of millennials would rather text—here's how to overcome your fear of the phone  CNBC

For many millennials, talking on the phone is a lost art. Texting and email take precedence over actual conversations. In fact, one survey found that 74 percent of ...

These two words can help get you an airline upgrade over the phone  South China Morning Post

British author and frequent flier Tilly Bagshawe, who lives with her family in California, offers her top tips to make your foreign travels more comfortable.

Eight things your phone's camera can do—other than snapping selfies  Popular Science

Smartphone cameras let you take advantage of every available photo opportunity. But they can do more than snap pictures of partying friends and sweeping ...

Blackberry KEY2 review: this phone will surprise you  The Australian Financial Review

It's a funny phone, the new BlackBerry KEY2. The things about it you think would be the most important, like the fact it's got a good old-fashioned physical ...

Why the iPhone keyboard inserts 'ducking' into your texts, according to the person who designed it  Business Insider

You may be part of the majority of Americans who don't use the "f word" in daily life. But the rest of us use profanity to emphasize what we're saying and typing, ...

The first FEMA Presidential Alert just hit phones across the US  The Verge

October 3rd at 2:18PM ET, FEMA will send out a "Presidential Alert" to nearly every single cellphone in the country to test its Integrated Public Alert and Warning ...

AI can book a restaurant or a hair appointment, but don't expect a full conversation  The Conversation AU

Google's latest AI promises to help arrange your life by making appointment for you over the phone, but it's limited by its rote learning of the simple tasks of ...

25 of the New Words Merriam-Webster Is Adding to the Dictionary in 2018  Mental Floss

If you don't spend most of your time on the internet, it can be hard to keep up with the evolving lingo of the digital age. Luckily, the editors at Merriam-Webster ...

Google’s AI sounds like a human on the phone — should we be worried?  The Verge

It came as a total surprise: the most impressive demonstration at Google's I/O conference yesterday was a phone call to book a haircut. Of course, this was a ...

True crime podcast, Dead Wrong: Jeffrey Brooks chilling final phone call  Courier Mail

A YOUNG scientist found dead from a shotgun wound had just over an hour earlier made a chilling call to a colleague, blurting: I have found something I have to ...

Here's How To Stop Your Phone Constantly Autocorrecting Words  HuffPost UK

Ask a Tech Editor 'How do I stop my phone constantly autocorrecting words?'

Samsung’s first foldable Galaxy phone will be announced this year  BGR

Samsung was rumored to launch its first-ever foldable for a couple of years, but Samsung kept delaying the phone's arrival. Rumored initially to be called the ...

A Facebook Post Opened The Door To A Sexual Abuse Scandal In A Small Town  BuzzFeed News

MILES CITY, Montana — Three years ago, a former high school athletic trainer posted a cryptic message on Facebook: “I want to ask for forgiveness from ...

Huawei Mate 20 Pro Review: - Mobile Phones  PC World

The tempo for major smartphone launches at the tail of the year is always a little hectic. You've got Samsung, Apple, LG, Google, Razer, Samsung (again) and ...

How to Make iPhone AutoCorrect Ducking Let You Swear  How-To Geek

AutoCorrect automatically fixes typos, which is convenient—but it thinks swears are typos. Your iPhone or iPad likes changing swear words into similar, incorrect ...

Why No One Answers Their Phone Anymore  The Atlantic

The telephone swept into Americans' lives in the first decades of the 20th century. At first, no one knew exactly how to telephone. Alexander Graham Bell wanted ...

Why 555 is always used for phone numbers on TV and in movies  Business Insider

When TV shows and movies need to use a phone number as part of the story, they typically use one that starts with 555. We spoke with an official historian at ...

How to prevent those annoyign texting typos  Popular Science

Your text messages are full of misspelled words, random spaces, and hilarious autocorrect mistakes. Here's how to prevent these keyboard betrayals.

Jeffrey Brooks: Cold case murder of Jeffrey Brooks on Sunday Night  NEWS.com.au

SIX foot three, solid build, gentle nature and an easy laugh.

New Sentences: From ‘How to Break Up With Your Phone’  The New York Times

Some combinations of words seem natural, almost predestined. Others are just flatly unacceptable.

Teens' cell phone use linked to memory problems  Science News for Students

A new study suggests teens who get more exposure to cell-phone radiation — and hold their phones up to their right ear — do worse on one type of memory ...

In Spike Lee’s BlacKkKlansman, language is power  The Conversation AU

Ever since his 1989 film Do the Right Thing opened with Rosie Perez's boxing-inspired dance to Public Enemy's Fight the Power, Spike Lee's cinema has been ...